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EMIT is a brand that was inspired by the word, time. If you put the word “TIME” backwards, it spells out ‘EMIT.’
Be more specific, the storyline of the project is based on “the part of moment in photo” inspiration.
The value of photos is not like what they are used to be because tons of photos are being produced everyday by random people with their own mobile phone camera and people tend not to appreciate the photos they took. The designer obsessed with beauty in random photo.
The core of the project is main fabric printed particular image using advanced printing technology.
Simple, dependable construction and signature details help carry the Emit brand to a more accessible price point. The Emit is roomy enough for a day, but compact enough to fit in gym and school locker. There is an internal open pocket to keep things organized. The Emit leather logo patch has been placed in bottom right hand corner, to keep the designs integrity intact but it is also placed where it can be seen easily. Designer designed every single trims and made them lusterless so that the photo can stand out.

More information : www.emitstore.com


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