Saturday Morning and Night


Wallet design



Traditional wallets are still designed to hold tons of cash and this make them too thick to fit in well-dressed men’s pocket.
Many people turned to slim wallets for they are lighter, smaller. But most slim wallet now days are far from perfect. Limited capacity, no room for extra bills. Especially, ugly designs instead of it’s thin enough.
So we made a list of what we want for a slim wallet.
SMNN wallets are more than just slim wallet. SMNN products are equipped with RFID Blocking technology. The best way to protect your smart cards from unwanted capture of data from your ID, debit or credit card. It also protects double charging and bothering from error when you use transportation at specific cities. For shell fabric, we got a reflective PVC that has unique texture. For lining fabric, we used genuine leather. There are total 8 different size and styles.


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